Black Tea


English Breakfast

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A very strong Black tea suitable for breakfast. Assam India, Ceylon and China black tea.

Royal Drink

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

Our “Royal” selection based on black tea Super Pekoe Ceylon, pieces of caramel, orange, yellow roses flowers, red roses petals, sunflower.

Super Pekoe Tea

Available In : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

Black Ceylon orange pekoe. Exceptional taste and unique aroma.

Orange Superior

Available in: ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

For orange lovers: black tea Super Pekoe Ceylon, black tea Assam, orange, orange blossom with the taste of orange.

Christmas Tea

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A tea mix with miraculus taste and aroma, based on black tea Congou China, pieces of cinnamon and ginger, cloves, calendula flowers, slices of almond and orange with the taste of orange – cinnamon.

Colour Fantazy

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A multicolor, enjoyable mix of black tea, hibiscus, mango, buckthorn, papaya, apple, zambucci, rose petals, sunflower, juniper, safflower.

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