Green Tea

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Magic Nights

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

Clear taste of aple – cinamon concisting of green tea Bancha, pieces of caramel, cinnamon, cardamom and orange, cloves, yellow petal roses, red petal roses, sunflower with the taste of apple – cinnamon.


Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A wonderfull mix of China green gunpowder, pennyroyal leaves, mint blossom with the taste of mint.

Forest Fruits

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A great bouquet of green tea, white tea, orange, pieces of roses, blue safflower, cranberries blueberry, pineapple and papaya.

Aromatic Bush

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

Feel the nature with green tea, pieces of apple and pomegranate, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pink pepper, slices of orange, with the taste of cinnamon – vanilla – orange.
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Lemonbush Fantazy

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A reach variety of Sencha tea, ginseng, lemongrass, pieces of lemon and sunflower, acacia and helichrysum flowers, guarana with the taste of lemon.


Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

We love pomegranate and we mean it! A mix of green tea Bancha, pieces of pomegranate and cranberry, lily, roses, with the taste of pomegranate.

Chios Mastic Symphony

Available in: ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A Greek traditional mix of green tea Bancha, almond, greek pistachio with mastic taste.

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