Herbal Tea

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Child Paradise

Available in : ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

Ultra light and tasty mix of pieces of apple, hibiscus blossoms, calentoula and mallow, mallow leaves, cranberry.

Active Life

Available in: ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A superior mix of nettle, leaves of mint, pieces of liquorise, calentoula and mallow.

Fitness & Health

Available in: ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

A fantastic, healthy mix of red tea Rooibos Αφρικής , bee pollen, pieces of vervena officinialis, pieces of liquorise and lemongrass, bush leaves, sunflower blossoms, blue cornflower petals, with the taste of ginge.

Greek Spirit - Yogi tea

Available in: ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

This superior mix represent the Greek spirit, made of honeybush and pieces of cinnamon, ginger, green cardamom, cloves, pepper, bee pollen, nettle, lemongrass with the taste of all greek fruit.


Available in: ⋆ 75gr ⋆ 500gr ⋆ 1000gr

Pure chamomile blossoms.

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