Ouzo 50ml

Ούζο 700ml


With or without ice, ouzo is a traditional spirits of Mediterranean cuisine. The aroma of seeds and herbs is released, the composition of the drink strengthens, the flavor softens and the senses take off.It still continues to be produced today with the same recipe. The favorite ouzo flavor in a miniature bottle, suitable for individual portions.The bottle of 50ml capacity is well known in the tourist market.Ouzo Vassiliki Parliarou is a genuine 100% distillate from Greece with an alcoholic strength of 37.5% Vol.Alcoholic beverages are for adults over 18 years of age.

An excellent distillate that creates the new distinct category of fine ouzo for all those who recognize and appreciate quality and continue to produce fine drinks. They always use the same traditional ways, pure ingredients, old recipes, special distillation. This is the legacy and continuity of family tradition. The origin, the taste, the unaltered quality are the characteristics of the fine drinks of the family.

In this way the delicate aroma, flavor and silky smooth finish are preserved in this authentic and high quality product.

The secret is of course in the aromatic seeds and herbs used, the mixture of these is the secret of Ouzo. Its unique delicate aroma and its rich velvety flavor originates from “marriage” when distilling carefully selected aromatic seeds and herbs such as anise, nutmeg, asteroid anise.

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