Dry Red Serv. Temp. : 15 °C Alcohol by Vol : 11%

Deep red color with violet shades. On the nose, complex, with fragrances of ripe red and black fruits, sweet spices and spicy notes while in the mouth it impresses with its rich volume and the rounded tannins.

White Roditis – Moschofilero

Dry White Serv. Temp. : 8-10 ºC Alcohol by Vol : 11%

Excellent blend of Roditis and Moschofilero varieties. The color is shiny yellow, with aromatic notes and flowers and jasmine, crisp acidity and long lemonade aftertaste.

Rose Grenache Rouge

Dry Rose Serv. Temp. : 8 -10 ˚C Alcohol by Vol : 11%

Fragrance of red fruits, raspberries and strawberries with spicy pepper notes make up the nose and mouth coexist with citrus notes and crisp acidity.

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